Michael Shanahan

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ODIN Testing.

My name’s Michael Shanahan, and I work on the ODIN project. I use Eclipse and Maven to write software in Java, JUnit for unit testing, and JODA for representing dates and times. I also use our in-house ODIN Common library. Before I joined REACH Lab, I was working at the Hudson Bay Company of Illinois making phone calls as a representative of a number of non-profit organizations and progressive political campaigns. My objectives in this capacity were fundraising, public education, and organizing. I’m currently in the final year of a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and I aspire to become a full-time software engineer after graduation, using my skill set to develop cutting-edge technologies at a development-oriented company. Beyond software development, I enjoy anthropology, foil fencing, folk music, fiction (especially HP Lovecraft), and history.