Math Students CTI Pilot Study


Principal Investigators: Bilal Khan, Kirk Dombroski
Funding Agency/Institute: None
Status: Completed
Planned Project Period: 09/01/2014 – 09/30/2014


In the Fall semester of 2014, the prototype ODIN implementation was validated over a 3-week pilot study that sought to simultaneously acquire CTI data from 19 students in an undergraduate mathematics class, their aptitudes, interactions and context. The Figure above is a graphical rendering of a one-dimensional projection of the sort of high dimensional CTI trajectories that will be produced by the ODIN platform. Here we see multiple one-dimensional trajectories—there is one trajectory for each of the 19 students. The x-axis represents time across an 8-hour day, while the y-axis represents the number of interactions that the participant had in the past 30 minutes. One observes than in the initial 90 minutes almost all trajectories have high values (~18) corresponding to the 9am course lecture selected for the prototype testing and in which all participants were enrolled. The fluctuation in values over the lunchtime and afternoon hours reflects both student sociality and shared class schedules. Understanding and analyzing these sorts of high dimensional trajectories, both singly and in the context of each other, is the challenge and potential of this proposal.