Rural Drug Addition Research Center

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Grant Number: P20GM130461
Principal Investigator: Kirk Dombrowski
Funding Agency/Institute: NIH/NIGMS
Status: Pending review
Planned Project Period 12/01/2018-11/30/2023

This project will create a sustainable, nationally-recognized Center – the Rural Drug Addition Research Center – at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln dedicated to understanding and developing appropriate interventions for rural drug addiction and its related challenges and harms. Within the Center, the Longitudinal Networks Core (LNC) will enhance the fields of rural substance abuse research and mobile health interventions. To do this, LNC will make use of a cutting-edge cohort tracking and retention software—the Open Dynamic Interaction Network (ODIN) platform to build and maintain a longitudinal cohort consisting of 600 drug users in the Central Plains. The ODIN software links data acquisition opportunities brought about by advances in mobile computing and quantified-self technologies with new analytic tools in a seamless, user-friendly, sustainable, and flexible manner. ODIN represents next generation software for both Ecological Momentary Assessment and social network data collection—two cutting-edge areas in social and behavioral health research. In addition, ongoing expansion of the ODIN system allows for the integration of emerging mobile biomarker technology into the ODIN data stream, including Actigraph, Fitbit, and Empatica e4 wearables. These devices add functionality to collect large streaming data on physiological measures such as cognition, physical activity, sleep, and individual stress via epidermal conductance.